PHD2 v2.6.3  ( )
FITS Liberator 3.0.1 (   )

Image Processing

Once a set of data files is collected, software is used to consolidate and enhance the data into a final image.  This work flow is known as "stacking", then final steps include color or saturation adjustments.

PixInsight  (PI):

DeepSkyStacker (DSS):
Photoshop CS6  (PS CS6)

Image Sequencing

The following software is used to manage the camera shutter or sensor, at various durations and sensitivities, and to download the sensor results into useful filenames for later processing.

BackyardEOS  (BEOS or BYEOS):


PHD2 (guiding):

SETUP NOTES:   Install cygwin.  Use wget to get the index files.
wget -r -np -nH --cut-dirs=3 -R index.html
default data path:  C:\cygwin\usr\share\astrometry\data



The evolution of Physics since the 1600s has lead to very accurate modeling of the motion of celestial objects.  Various software packages are used to model the motion of catalogged objects, and provide a visual/interface method for mapping stars, planets, and deep space objects.  In addition, these packages support connectivity to a mount, and can provide slewing instructions to point at a given location within the sky (assuming the mount is properly Polar Aligned).   Mounts may come with a Hand Control that contains thousands of objects already, but they don't provide a context on where those objects currently are.  The following software provides a visual map of celestial objects and the ability to slew the mount to them.

WorldWideTelescope  (WWT):
Aladin:  (DSS, SIMBAD DB)


These are various utilities applications that help in the organizing of data or accessing equipment remotely.

USB Over Network:
AgentRansack (file search):
BulkRenameUtility (BRU):


ASCOM is the Astronomy Common Object Model, a set of standards that facilitate the interoperability of various astronomy-related equipment (mounts, guiders, focusers, filter wheels, rotators, cameras, etc.).

ASCOM Platform:
Celestron/Mount drivers:
MicroTouch/FeatherTouch ASCOM driver:
Lodestar X2 ASCOM drivers: