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Book References
The Deep-Sky Imaging Primer (Charles Bracken)
Remote Observatoriesfor Amateur Astronomers (Gerald R. Hubbel, Richard J. Williams, Linda M. Billard)
Getting STarted: Long Exposure Astrophotography (Allan Hall)
The Backyard Astronomer's Guide 3rd Edition (Terence Dickinson & Alan Dyer)

Forum References
10:1 Ratio for main-guider:
Image Scale = 205 * pixel_size (microns) / focal length (mm)

General Astronomy Information
Excellent introduction to many AP related topics

Galatic Coordinate Systems

Lookup Digital Sky Survey images

Excellent for showing equipment FOV

RA DEC flexible converter (use " d 15.3434  35.342234 " for DEC/RA degrees)

Collimation/Seeing    (VC200L specific)

Magnification Math

Astronomical Conversions  (science platform powered by Python)
In [1]: from astropy import units as u
In [2]: from astropy.coordinates import SkyCoord
In [3]: c = SkyCoord(ra=233.089*, dec=15.589*, frame='icrs')
In [4]: c
<SkyCoord (ICRS): (ra, dec) in deg
(233.089, 15.589)>
In [5]: c.to_string('hmsdms')
Out[5]: '15h32m21.36s +15d35m20.4s'

PixInsight Post Processing

   FeatherTouch 2515 without end cap -> 0mm -> Vixen VC2xxL f/6.4 reducer

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